This is me…

My name is Hannah Drynan and I am a newly graduated design student from the York/ Sheridan joint program (YSDN). I grew up in the small town of Cayuga, Ontario and am now currently living in Oakville, Ontario. I love the program I have recently graduated from and everything to do with design.

As a visual learner I understand just how important design is. I believe everything should have the option of being shown visually and would love to help contribute to this. I enjoy information design and the idea of showing instructions and knowledge through graphics. I also love exploring the opportunities of how a user can experience a design and the process of working through making it more efficient.  

I am always interested in learning new things and enjoy new experiences. I appreciate the process of beginning with a blank canvas and turning it into something creative. I believe design is all about trial and error and never giving up. I would love to bring my creativity to your project and help explore new designs. Please take a look at my work and feel free to contact me if you are interested in collaboration.

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