My Rogers Internship

My experience at Rogers Media M-school began in my Design Placement class after hearing an alumni student talk about her past design internship at the company. Hearing about her time at Rogers made me very excited and inspired me to take the time to learn more about the company. After doing research and discovering more about the opportunities at Rogers, I stumbled upon M-school. M-school is a program designed especially for different types of media interns. The program provided me a look at the way a real life publishing industry runs.

Once understanding the program more and learning about the amazing possibilities, I then decided to apply. I applied by writing an essay and also providing my resume and portfolio. I later received an email from the intern coordinator asking if I would be willing to come in for an interview. This interview then led to a second one soon after.

After my second interview I was told that I would be accepted as one of the 15 M-school interns. Each intern was given a different position throughout the publishing areas at Rogers. I was told that I would be working with the Custom Contents group.






In school you do not quite understand the challenges of working with a real client. Although you do receive feedback from both your teacher and other students, in the end you are really working for yourself. At my internship I was able to see the true difficulties of working with real life clients and also how to satisfy their desires when they may not completely match with yours.


It was an honour being placed with so many amazing designers within the publishing industry. Being the only intern in the Custom Content group, I had the opportunity of sitting amongst a vast variety of talent. I was able to work with a team that included designers, creative directors, copy editors, photo editors, client directors and many more. This gave me the first hand experience of learning from great designers and more talented people everyday.


I knew working for a large publishing industry was going to be exciting, but I did not realize how many opportunities I would be given. I was very surprised at how hands on everyone allowed me to be and how much I was able to incorporate into each project. I felt as though I became a part of the team by the end of the summer.


Not only did I have the opportunity of working on the layouts of designs but I was also given many chances to go behind the scenes for a lot of work. Working on catalogues and magazines allowed me to have the chance to go to the photoshoots and work one-on-one with photographers and creative directors. This gave me an idea of how to put your creative input into work before it is put on the computer to design.





Please feel free to contact me to find out what projects I was able to work on during my internship at Rogers.