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Communication Design


Old Vienna Rebrand

This project was created for my Package Design class. The goal for this project was to find an existing brand that we would like to try to modernize the packaging for. I decided that I would like to look into the history of Old Vienna beer and try to discover ways that I could attempt to ‘refresh’ the existing elements that the brand already consists of. After looking deep into the history of the Old Vienna beer company I discovered many facts that helped inspire my designs along the way.


The Process


Step One

To begin the process, we were to design a look that resembled the original packaging of the product. This meant keeping almost all elements the same, while modernizing the way they looked. To do this I kept all original colours and placement of the Old Vienna original design and simply changed the background and removed any unnecessary detailing.

ov evo.png
ov revo.png

Step Two

The next step of the process was to come up with a transitional design. This was to be done by completely changing the look of the original packaging. For this approach I decided to create a very modern look and remove all original elements from the design. However, I still wanted the can to be recognizable within a store so I decided to keep the trademark of the knight that is seen on the original Old Vienna beer. Instead of simply bringing back the same knight from the original design I decided to try my own approach.


Final Step

To finalize the process I was to come up with a revolutionary design. This meant keeping the original design equities, while completely modernizing the final look. To do this I decided to use colour to emphasize what I believed to be the most important parts of the brand. I really wanted to share the history and importance of the knight by making it very large and by using the brand colours. I decided to modernize the can by showing the silver through the OV symbol. I also decided to make the elements really show by creating a matte, white background. I believe the final look shows the strength of the brand, while also taking a new approach.

revo 1.png
revo 2.png
revo 3.png