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Lights Festival

This project was created for my Typography class. The goal for this project was to create an advertisement booklet and webpage for a fictional event including two languages. Using a design element to differentiate the two languages used. The project began by creating a typographic poster using emotion from any quote/ poem/ song desired. The project followed by imaging an event that this poster could be inspired by. 

I decided to create advertisements for a rock/ soul/ blues music festival. I began by choosing a part from my favourite song 'Slow Dancing in a Burning Room' by John Mayer. I then used the emotion that can be heard through this song to create a typographic poster. Once the poster was created I felt like a music festival would be most suitable for an event to go along with it.  I then created a booklet and webpage templates that I believed the audience for this style of music would appreciate. The design element I decided to use to differentiate the languages was direction. I believed an interesting approach to show two languages for one advertisement was to give the option of flipping the booklet around to read your dominate language.